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"As a man of substance and service, Ken’s integrity and commitment to authenticity, purpose, and growth is a beacon to all those he encounters."

—Esther Sarlo

Founder and CEO

"Stephanie's ideas are both creative and concrete so that I could take action. She frames things so clearly that anyone could take away her wisdom and make it work."

—Tammy Nischuk

Speaker, Photography, & Community Engagement Specialist

"The Life Spiral gives you a systematic way to get you back on track in the areas of life that matter most."

—Tyson Sharpe

Business & Marketing Coach

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Design a Life that is Self-Sustaining and Momentum-Gaining

Please read the following letter...

From: Stephanie Anne Roy

Manchester, Connecticut

Wednesday, 3:25 p.m.

Dear Friend,

Ken and I consider you a "friend" if you are someone who refuses to give up on life.

If you love learning, love stretching your mind, and love helping others, you're in the right place. Especially if you also know how to laugh at yourself along the way.

It's too easy to be miserable in the world today. It's too easy to get stuck in a doom loop of hustle culture, sensationalized anger, and broken promises.

I refuse to play that game.

We aren't about aligning your chakras or getting up at 4am for a 10 mile run. (If that's your jam, rock on!)

Ken and I believe that each of us need to find our own path and unlock our unique optimal operating system.

There are common threads that link us all, but a balanced, integrated life comes from learning what's best for YOU.

That means experiments, life-long learning, and a whole lot of work on yourself.

It means being a student of life and bettering yourself in service to others.

If this approach sounds interesting to you, then we'd like you to join us. On a regular basis, Ken and I will be writing to you.

We'll share the latest about what we're studying and experimenting with. And we'll be sharing the very best lessons about life philosophy, living integrated, and serving others.

If you would like to join our email list, then you need to apply.

We don't let everyone in.

Your application will be "Accepted" or "Rejected" within twenty-four hours. Please submit your application below.

As always...

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing,

Keep being you,

"A Woman Who Integrates"

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